Wouter Van Cutsem on CICERO LawPack

Wouter Van Cutsem on CICERO LawPack

Wouter van Cutsem


Specialty: Contract Law, Company Law, Administration Law

For Wouter Van Cutsem (www.vancutsem-law.be) the commissioning of CICERO LawPack in 1996 was an important step forward. “The software is clearly the cornerstone of my organization. It is the backbone of the ins and outs of the office.”

Van Cutsem is especially pleased with the many benefits CICERO LawPack offers. “All modules are interconnected, which makes it possible to work quickly and efficiently. It suffices to enter personal informations only once in the database, and then all other modules can use them seamlessly. CICERO LawPack can also manage a great number of cases, which for me is an absolute necessity.”

Van Cutsem is also very positive on the cooperation with Informa Europe BVBA, the company that implemented the software in the law firm. “We work closely together. I strongly feel that Informa Europe is on the same wavelength as we are. If we formulate some comments about functional aspects of the package, they, as the supplier, respond to that and take it into account as they make their adjustments to the program” said Advocate Van Cutsem.
He sees himself as a “very advanced” user of CICERO LawPack. His law firm takes full advantage of all possibilities of the package. “To me, Informa Europe is more than an ordinary supplier. I dare speak of a strategic partner.”

Wouter Van Cutsem started his career as a lawyer in 1992. For 10 years he ran his own law firm (six lawyers and two clerks). In 2002 that firm was taken over by the U.S.-based firm McGuireWoods LLP, where he spent two years as a partner. Since December 2004 he sails an independent course again.

Wouter Van Cutsem has extensive experience in litigation, and advises many companies on the legal aspects of their business strategy. In addition, his office also caters for many individuals.

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