Leaving the Middle Ages behind in just 1 step

Leaving the Middle Ages behind in just 1 step

Johan Kemps

Kemps & Vanstraelen

Specialty: Administration Law, Company Law, Contract Law
Kemps & Vanstraelen: leaving the Middle Ages behind in just 1 step

The law firm Kemps & Vanstraelen, located in Muizen, focuses mainly on restructuring of companies and on consulting assigments. This involves a tremendous amount of correspondence.“Traditional software applications do not give enough informatie to allow us to make the necessary decisions in a timely fashion,” says advocate Johan Kemps. “It has occurred that a decision was delayed because we could not immediately access all the required information.”

“We needed a soution that could really support us.”

Over a period of 12 years the law firm Kemps & Vanstraelen grew from 1 to 12 co-workers.“In those circumstances, as a partner in the firm, you end up dealing only with management matters, rather than with legal matters,” says advocate Kemps.

In 2006 Kemps & Vanstraelen started working with CICERO LawPack. Advocate Kemps: “That was a giant leap forward, really, in one step from the Middle Ages to the present age. We now know exactly what overhead we have, what is billable and how effective each co-worker is. And that is followed up on a weekly basis.

“That is CICERO Lawpack: an overall picture and well structured”

“Complicated consulting cases are followed up effortlessly.In coordination with Kristof De Neys of CICERO LawPack we’ve introduced CICERO LawPack in stages. We only add the older cases in as far as they are still ongoing. Billing by now has become nearly completely automated and is far more accurate than before.”

“The cherry on the cake, and benefits that outweigh the cost by far”

“In 2009 we want to integrate all email correspondence and telephone communications. That wil be the cherry on the cake”, says Kemps, “Then everything will be completely integrated into the system “.Advocate Kemps concludes with a personal observation: “People easily decide to buy an expensive car, but have doubts about acquiring an ICT application at a similar price, that would make their office run far more efficiently”.

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