Saves two full days per month with CICERO LawPack

Saves two full days per month with CICERO LawPack

Herwig Hemmerechts

Hemmerechts & Van Laethem bvba

Specialty: Administration Law, Company Law, Contract Law
Advocate Hemmerechts saves two full days per month with CICERO LawPack

The law firm of Herwig Hemmerechts (Hemmerechts & Van Laethem bvba, Zaventem) has been computerised for more than 20 years. To him, coping without computers simply is unimaginable.

“CICERO LawPack is software that works well. We fully utilize all modules. I’m probably one of the only users to effectively use the full range of solutions the system offers, ” says Advocate Hemmerechts.

“The program has numerous assets. The possibilities with regard to invoicing alone already save me two full days per month. The follow-up, too, is fully automated. Add to that the fact that you can know, at any time, what the exact turnover of the firm is. CICERO LawPack, therefore, is the perfect management tool for law firms”.

Herwig Hemmerechts has been a customer of Informa Europe bvba, the company that develops and commercialises the software, since 1985. “The large customer base of the company was an important factor in our decisions to team up with them. It ensured a future in which the system would continue to evolve.”

Advocate Hemmerechts enjoys a good relationship with his supplier. “Over the years we have grown together with CICERO LawPack, and gradually we started using more and more of the facilities the system offers. It is a very stable program, that doesn’t crash every other minute, so we don’t have to bother the people at Informa Europe too often. Though, I would prefer more updates, that could easily and instantly be announced by e-mail or through pop-ups.”

Herwig Hemmerechts has been an advocate since 1974. He started his practice in 1975 as a one-man law firm. Three years later, his wife, Danielle Van Laethem, joined him. By now six more people have joined the practice.
Hemmerechts & Van Laethem bvba are a member of Advoring, which is a network of law firms in the Brussels’ metropolitan area. Their clientele consists of private individuals, business and municipal authorities.

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