We would like to note that the administration for income year 2015 will in particular pay attention to the correct identification of the beneficiary for the forms 281. In November the Ministry of Finance placed a notice on the Belcotax-on-web website about the imposition of penalties. This may also has a significant impact on your business:

“From 2015 penalty for not submitted forms – 06-11-2015
The last few years, despite our repeated requests, we established that about 20,000 tax forms were not submitted right or on time. From the beginning of November 2015, therefore, we are launching a campaign in which we will impose a penalty of 50 Euros for a first offense, to a maximum of 1,250 Euros, for debtors who have an incorrect or overdue tax form for income year 2014. From 2016 any breach by submitting the forms will be penalized with a fine. In this way we hope to encourage all debtors of income to better accomplish their tax obligations in the future. “

If applicable, forms for which no national number could be found based on the transmitted identification data, the sender will be invited to revise, cancel, or complete the forms.