The Collection Module

The Collection Module

With CICERO LawPack’s Collection module you can manage, import, follow-up and monitor your debt collection cases. You can also give your clients online access to their debt collection cases, using the Webview client portal.

How does it work? The Collection module lets you define invoice and debt collection terms per client: the interest to be charged, penalty clauses, any administrative costs, etc. For each case file a follow-up sheet can then be created. This follow-up sheet keeps track all outstanding claims, as well as all the payments that have already been made. The payments are linked to the accounting module: every payment can be entered with its own specific imputation rules. The follow-up sheet is also linked to the calendar where each time the next step to be taken can be added automatically. The daily agenda overview allows you to approve the actions to be taken. The module works with predefined templates for standard letters that are automatically processed, and into which the relevant file information (and calculations and settlements) are integrated seamlessly and without error. Once the collection file is created and there is an outstanding balance, you can also add a payment plan.

If you handle multiple debt collection cases per client, you might want to use the Automated Follow-up feature. If the cases belong to the same client then they often follow the same Scenario, which allows us to further automate the follow-up process. The Scenarios can perform specific tasks that are planned in advance: e.g., they can generate different follow-up letters (to be printed or by e-mail) that take into account all intermediate payments and in which the necessary calculations are integrated. Every day, the module presents you with an overview of all actions to be taken on that day, covering all case files.

If you have clients for whom you handle larger numbers of debt collection files, you can automate even further by using a digital import of your client’s data. This import saves you from having to manually add the relevant data with regard to the debtor, the outstanding claims and payments received. Once you have agreed upon certain conventions with your client, the entire administration can be handled automatically. Information with regard to the debtor, the amounts to be recovered, as well as the payments already received can be read in, and automatically added to your Relations and Case files. That allows you to work faster and more efficiently, while also reducing the chances of input errors.

With the Collection module, it is also possible to export the data of selected case files and hand them over to bailiffs who use the Organi software.

In summary, the process to recover unpaid invoices is ideal for a far-reaching automation. And that has nothing but advantages. The Collection module saves you time, and allows you to work more efficiently. (The automatic follow-up ensures e.g. that all correspondence is sent on time in all the case files). Because the process is automated, there is much less chance of material mistakes. The Collection module gives a high Return on Investment. Relying on customer feedback, the module has been optimized over the years. And because your clients can use the Webview module (i.e. the CICERO LawPack client portal) at any time, to follow the state of affairs and progress of their case files, they are satisfied, too.

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