Situation CICERO & DIPLAD (DPA) integration

Situation CICERO & DIPLAD (DPA) integration

In the late February we were at the meeting of DIPLAD in Brussels. And we gladly share the latest developments in integration with you. The systems are fully integrated and we are ready to roll out!

For complete information data CICERO gives its users access to the National Register (RR) and the Central File of Messages (CBB). All offered use cases / scenarios of the CBB and RR integration are supported by CICERO. For retrieving business information, we do not use Graydon, the party contracted by DIPLAD, but we have been working for a while with a different provider: Companyweb.
We have a strong authentication, automatic data processing in CICERO, as well as a full integration with accounting for charging costs on a case.

In the short-term access to the DPA is made available and you can use this new feature. Within seconds you have access to reliable and important documents at any time of the day. All this included in your trusted Relations application of CICERO V10. The DPA button at the top of the Relations application gives you access to the platform.

In 2016 also the additional option ‘search a lawyer´ will be added to CICERO. You can search for lawyers directly and link them automatically to a case. Eventually, these searches have unique keys that will be used in the near future to support digital communication (inbox / outbox) with the court and confreres.

For access, activation and problem reports regarding the Diplad services you can register via of

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