New updates

New updates

– Import VCF improved in terms of support VCF formats / versions.


– Search by dashboard (only ID / Name ‘) now also searches reference and the combination of name + reference.
– Search on the dashboard now has the option to search only through active / current cases.
– Change menu structure / tabs.
– Tab ‘Webview’ added to set which billing data can be accessed.

MATTERS > Docmerge
– Taking over the letterhead font type to the type of letter is now to enable optional.


– Preset ‘Tasks for me’ extended with the status ‘Completed for approval’. This shows all tasks completed by other fee earners and not yet given the status ‘for approval’ by the creator of the task.
– At ‘Tasks from me’ added the option, to set the tasks of other fee earners for final approval.
– Joblogger now shows case-history alongside favorites.


– Import extended for .CLP files; bailiff (based on person ID) as an import option (at the end of the configuration rules).


– 046: added (Bankruptcy case).


– When selecting cases closed cases now will be RED-colored in the lookup controls.
– Both positive and negative payment difference now possible when allocating financial and settlement (also for creditor and debtor).
– Fix regarding automatically placing ‘account third parties’ when reading CODA files.
– At tools (xfix) only possible to remove OR a period OR a document.


– Module Webview now integrated into V10. If enabled and configured; evoked via URL / CiceroWeb/Webview/.
– Now takes into account the defined right groups of the user.
– Displays only invoices for the case in which the debtor actually has billing participation.
– GUI responsiveness made for mobile support.


– Added the ability to send out a mailing directly through exchange-coupling.
– Restrictions introduced to generate an MSG object for up to 500 addresses.
– Added option to enter email subject for mailing.
– Setting ‘googleAnalyticsIDForCampaigns’ added in admin> settings. If completed this ID will be included in mailings.


– Button ‘Detail’ added to list of attachments.
– Fix regarding upload documents in previous case folder.

ADMIN > Configuration

– For office manuals added the ability to indicate a case for which manuals are used in DMS.


– Search funtion added to changelog.

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