New functionality: CICERO Webview

New functionality: CICERO Webview

With our new feature CICERO Webview you have the possibility to give your relations insight into their cases. So your relations can, among other things, see the status and case details of open cases and create new cases. This saves not only time, but also gives your relations the feeling they are in the driving seat.

How does CICERO Webview work?

To use CICERO Webview you need to set a few things. You go to Admin – Configuration – Webview.
Besides managing the settings, licenses and memos, you can also determine the mappings and tasks which may be seen by your relations. You also see the statistics of the CICERO Webview use of your relations.

How much can my relation see?
You, as user of CICERO, are leading and you decide which data you want to show to your relations.
In Relations – Webview, section Rights you determine which information of the cases may be displayed: Tasks, Finance and/or Collection details.

At Party only the cases will be shown where the particular relations is also party in. Here you can select the desired party(s) that may be displayed to your relation. At Cases you select the cases that may be displayed to your relations. So you can, for all components separately, determine whether it can be seen by your relations.

How can your relation use CICERO Webview?

In Relations – Webview you can enter Username, Password and Status (active / inactive) for the concerning relation. The button LOGIN MAIL generates an e-mail with login information. You can send it directly to your relation.
For more information read our latest manual ‘Relations Webview’.


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