Mobile version CICERO LawPack

Mobile version CICERO LawPack

In response to our newsletter of November, we have received many questions about the installation of the mobile version of CICERO LawPack: ‘CICERO Mobile’.
Below is a brief explanation.

CICERO Mobile is optimized for use on Smartphone or tablet and can be accessed via the browser on the device.
The link to your CICERO Mobile website is the same as the regular V10 CICERO website with the addition of ‘_mobile’: [url] /ciceroweb/index_mobile.aspx.

For example, when your CICERO V10 website has a link like this:,  then the link of your mobile website will be: aspx.

Your IT administrator needs to make the website available from the outside (via a setting on the server).

We recommend the following things in order to uphold the safety of mobile site:

1. All mobile CICERO users must set a strong password. In the Admin application, Settings, the option hasStrictPasswordPolicy can be activated. Then a difficulty level for passwords will be enforced and in addition you have to change the password every 30 days.

2. Use HTTPS URL in front of the link of the website. HTTPS encrypts between your device and the server. This prevents hackers having access to the data traffic.

3. Secure your mobile website with a Web server certificate. Your IT administrator can always contact us to discuss the implementation of these steps. If everything is carried out you can use (and save) the link for all of your mobile devices, with the same login and password as in CICERO V10.

If you have any questions please contact us at: or +322 272 0380.

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