Mailbox in CICERO Mobile

Mailbox in CICERO Mobile

Recently we have a new feature in CICERO Mobile: CICERO Mailbox. This can be found in the menu under DMS.
Through CICERO Mailbox you open your set inbox(es).

Afbeelding 1

Using the upper left button you open the folder structure of your inbox. Below you can select the desired mailbox, if you have several.

You see your received emails, which you can access by clicking them.

Afbeelding 2 EN

You can book the opened e-mail by using the menu options: BookMe, answer (Reply), answer all (Reply all), Forward or go directly to the case details associated with this email.
On the homepage of CICERO Mailbox you can use:

Afbeelding 3

the + button to create a new e-mail, or reload your inbox with the refresh button.
With the magnifying glass you’re looking through your inbox. You have a few options to book, delete, move or mark the selected email(s) (see image below).




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