Integration with CREMBL

Integration with CREMBL

Because of the integration with CREMBL, now in CICERO you have the ability to send online correspondence that will be delivered to the recipient by post. Sending and managing your letters and documents online is not only easier and quicker, your correspondence will be archived automatically and centrally. So you have at any time an accurate overview of what has been sent, to which address, at what time and what is the status of delivery.

How to use CREMBL?
To make use of the CREMBL possibility, to send and manage your correspondence online, you must set a number of things first. Note: This only works if you have acquired a license to CREMBL.

You check Enabled, the default URL is already completed and you receive the API-key from CREMBL. Click SAVE to store the data.

Below you see the Stats of your CREMBL use. Then you go to DMS, Case search. Top left you enter the case name or case number of the relevant case and click SEARCH. On the right you get a list of all documents relating to this case. NOTE: You can only send PDF documents via CREML.

You open the document and click the button SEND VIA CREMBL and the CREMBL screen opens.

You select Party and the data below will be automatically loaded, if entered on the relation index card. You can, if desired, add a Notes and click the SEND button. Below you see the Status and you can see if your document has been sent.


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