‘The day of the entrepreneurial lawyer’

‘The day of the entrepreneurial lawyer’

Thursday, June 18th, ‘the day of the entrepreneurial lawyer’ will take place in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. You can attend interviews, workshops of different jurisdictions, see the latest software applications and increase your knowledge and network. Obviously CICERO LawPack is present this day. Together with our implementation partner LCG (Legal Consulting Group), we show the latest version of our solution to the entrepreneurial lawyer.

With over 25 years of experience CICERO LawPack ensures continuity and reliability. Besides managing your contacts and cases, CICERO LawPack records every performance accurately, so you won´t ‘waist’ any more time. You can also use CICERO LawPack for your full billing, accounting and collection management.

You can find us at the stand of LCG. There we can tell you more about the latest functionalities, such as importing CAMT.053 bank files and workflows for scanned and / or digital purchase invoices.

Will we see you there?

What: Day of the entrepreneurial lawyer

When: June 18th, 2015

Time: 01.25 PM – 8.15 PM

Where: Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

For more information visit: http://www.dagvandeondernemendeadvocaat.nl/site/home.html

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