CompanyWeb business information integrated in CICERO

CompanyWeb business information integrated in CICERO

Is the mapping of the financial state of your relations also important to you? What is their financial health score? Who are the managing directors and in which other companies do they operate? Are there any outstanding RSZ summonses? All this and more can be found at CompanyWeb, the specialist in business information, now integrated in your own CICERO environment.

For several months, you have the option to request real-time business information from your contacts in CICERO. With one touch of the button RECALL COMPANYWEB you have all the information available. And the basic data will directly be transferred to the index card of the relevant relation. For more detailed information, use the buttons or REPORT or DETAILS and you will be redirected to the full detail page of Companyweb.

CICERO has deliberately opted for integration with Companyweb instead of other providers. Companyweb has the same extensive search capabilities, but displayed more clearly and at lower costs. This is also interesting for you.

Your advantages:

  • 500 withdrawals a week.
  • Annual subscription.
  • No additional costs per report.

Would you also like to experience how to quickly retrieve real-time business information in Cicero? Click the link below for a demo account:

Or go to and log in using the following data:

username: cwcicero
password: demo

If you register you will receive a personal login and you can temporarily analyze the financial data of your relations for free.

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