CICERO v10 integrates with Companyweb

CICERO v10 integrates with Companyweb

September, 2015

CICERO LawPack V10, the software solution for law firms, is now available integrated with Companyweb. This makes it possible to retrieve company information of all your relations in CICERO real time, based on VAT number. You will get access to credit, payment capacity, survival, profitability and stability of the organization. And all of this in one mouse click.

How does it work?
On the relation index card of an existing relation you go to the tab Company.


At the bottom left you click the button ‘Request Companyweb. Then the basic information will be loaded directly onto the index card. You will also receive a visual display of the credit score. Do you want to see more details of the company? Then click ‘Report’ or ‘Details’ to be forwarded to the relevant information on Companyweb.

When adding a new relation using the wizard functionality you can also directly request the relevant data of Companyweb, based on VAT number (step 2, see image below). Also the statutory (address) data will be loaded into CICERO, so you do not have to enter it manually at step 3.


Do you want to see more details of the company? Then click ‘Report’ or ‘Details’ to be forwarded to the relevant information of Companyweb.


Companyweb is specialist in the field of financial and legal company information for Belgian companies. As the official supplier of the Institute of Company Auditors (IBR), the Institute of Accountants and Tax Consultants (IAB) and Professional Institute of Licensed Accountants and Tax Experts (BIBF) Companyweb provides the most recent and accurate business information.

For over 30 years CICERO LawPack is specialized in software for lawyers. Partly because of a very personal approach, continual improvement and the development of new applications that make your work easier and more efficient. Every day more than 3000 lawyers and jurists use CICERO LawPack for the digital management of their files.


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