Cicero LawPack integrates with DIPLAD platform

Cicero LawPack integrates with DIPLAD platform

The Flemish Bar Association has launched the digital platform DIPLAD (DIgital PLatform ADvocat) for communication and data exchange between the judiciary and the legal profession. After years of planning and design it is now possible to consult a variety of secure online services digitally. Within seconds the lawyer has now access to reliable and important documents. Since the first phase (May 2015), the data from the National Register, the Central File Attachment Massages (CBB) and enterprise data (Graydon) is digital retrievable.

The software of CICERO LawPack will be soon fully integrated with the DIPLAD platform. Important information will always (24/7) and immediately be retrievable from CICERO. This gives you the ability to safely and rapidly perform digital operations for the handling of all your legal cases, from your well-known CICERO setting.

As registered partner of DIPLAD we participate in official meetings, and we follow the developments of the new platform closely. We were also present at the meeting of OVB / DIPLAD which took place Thursday, May 21st. This meeting was devoted to the development of the digital platform and interface with software for the legal profession.

More news about the integration between CICERO LawPack and the DIPLAD platform soon.
We will keep you informed.

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