Year transfer

Year transfer

Since last month, the latest video tutorial ‘Creation financial year’ is online. You can instantly create a new financial year and start your bookings. The year transfer is in fact NOT required to start a new year, you can do this later.

With a year transfer you pass on the balance accounts to the next financial year. These accounts are the accounts of class 1 to 5. The final balance of the previous year, in this case 2016, must be final. We recommend that you do this in consultation with your accountant!

The final balance includes among other things the centralization accounts ‘customers 400,000’ and ‘suppliers 440,000’. You check the final balance, execute the year transfer, check for errors (which can be changed manually or remove and re-entered) and process the entire final journal entry, if completely accurate.

NOTE: The previous year transfers must be executed correctly, otherwise the sums do not match!

For questions about the year transfer you can contact CICERO Support: +32 2 272 03 80 or

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