DPA deposit integration with CICERO

DPA deposit integration with CICERO

Just one year after the decision of justice to digitalize, this week, the Digital Platform for Attorneys (DPA-deposit) was launched. From now on it is possible for lawyers to process and forward all legal documents digitally. No piles of paperwork and stamps anymore; also the legal industry modernizes.

CICERO is currently busy developing its software for integration with DPA deposit. Later this year this will roll out. This makes it possible to communicate directly from CICERO with the digital platform.

How does it work in CICERO?
You sign up as a user on the platform. Next, it is important that the parties on a case are properly imported, so the documents will be sent in the correct format (digital, fax, paper, etc.) and to the correct parties, using DPA deposit. From a case in the DMS application, you can retrieve all related documents and send them to the platform. The platform passes it directly to the right party. You will also receive a digital inbox (linked to your CICERO Mailbox) in which you receive documents, confirmations, etc.
In short, all the comforts of the DPA developments in your trusted CICERO environment.

The next few months, the industry will respond to all changes. Justice continues to evolve and, in the meantime, continues to work towards the digitization of the courts.

Once the integration is completed, we will inform you about the next steps to take. We will also keep you up to date of further developments.

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