Did you know that

Did you know that

… CICERO is working on innovations around the Billing workflow, whereby we digitize the preparation process as much as possible? Many small optimizations (checking, changing, approving performance and the proof) should lead to a better workflow up to the invoice. You will have the opportunity to work with multiple rates per prestant and you will receive the details of possible changes / discounts per case or debtor.

… the component CLIDoc can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store for both Windows and Apple users in combination with Office 365? This works considerably faster and more user-friendly because you don’t need to have IT knowledge for the installation.

… the CICERO development team has been expanded? As of March 1st we have a new employee at the IT department. She will join the CICERO team, so that we can process the developments in the industry to our software as quickly as possible.

… you have to make an annual transfer with cleared bookings included, so the balances of debtors and creditors will be taken over correctly? As soon as the balance sheet for 2017 is definitive (and no correction entries have to be made) you can make the annual transfer. You do this in Accounting – Accounting partners – Annual transfer 2017/2018.
Important criteria are:
– Also Layed out ON (in order for ledgers to correspond with the balances of debtors and creditors)
– Mutations OFF (your accountant may ask for clarification, if desired)
Check immediately whether the memorial / miscellaneous booking (with transferred balances of the balance sheet accounts) corresponds with the end balance sheet of 2017.
As long as the memorial / miscellaneous booking has not yet been processed by daily closure / centralization, this booking can still be removed and the annual transfer can be executed again.

… you now receive a separate mail every week with the Webinar agenda? You will no longer find the overview in the newsletter, but in a special mailing in which the webinars of the following week will be brought to the attention.

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