Accounting also available in CICERO V10

Accounting also available in CICERO V10

From version V10.1.52 onward the Accounting application (previously “accounting V9″) has been added to CICERO LawPack.

The application offers the same extended functionality you already know from V9, and has been enhanced with new features. Several parts have been further optimised.

The complete workflow, e.g., with regard to purchase invoices is now supported, from uploading and linking, to the actual processing.

As with any new version, V10.1.52 has a number of bug fixes. It also includes further improvements to several other existing V10 applications.

In order to allow you to quickly familiarise yourself with all the new features, we have provided some additional video tutorials. (At present only in Dutch). You can view them via ‘video tutorials’ or from the ‘Tutorials ‘ option in the V10 menu.

If you want a complete overview of all changes in this version, click on ‘ Changelog’ in the V10 menu.

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